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Pppoe ip address assignment

A PPPoE IP address is an IP address assigned by the IP over the PPPoE handshake when connecting. A PPPoE IP address may be static or dynamic depending on how your ISP has configured it. So as long as your ISP has configured your line with a static IP assigned over PPPoE then you're still getting what you're paying for. Rajkumar N.

eth1 should be enabled, but will not be assigned an IP address. Configure other clients connected to LAN All other clients (PCs on LAN) should be given addresses within the private IP area, with matching masks, having the IP address of eth0 as the default gateway, and given the Primary and Secondary DNS addresses used above (supplied by ISP).

Mar 08, 2011 · I am trying to assign the ip address to pppoe client using Radius. The scenario is basically we will have pppoe clients (Not Cisco AFAIK) and they will authenticated against FreeRadius from LNS. I tried to find out some documentation about it but found none..

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Once I had the correct username, I was able to assign a the static IP to the adapter and connect. March 21, 2003 at 12:42 pm #3536585 PPPoE, rp-ppoe and static IP.

conjunction with DHCP because with PPPoE !--- the IP address is assigned by PPP. The setroute option causes a default !--- route to be created if no default route exists. !--- Enter the ip address pppoe command in order to enable the !--- PPPoE client from interface configuration mode. ip address pppoe! interface.

They have a PPPoE setup and the ISP assigns the router an IP Address (but its not in their /30). Then in PFSense, it has an option to assign Virtual IPs to an interface, so they assign the /30 as virtual IPs to the WAN interface and then setup 1:1 Nat to the devices they want.

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